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Learn, discover, and unlock your leadership potential with the Operations Leadership Program (OLP) program.

The fast track to greater responsibilities and rewards

The fast track to greater responsibilities and rewards

Exceptional Danaher associates have the opportunity to participate in our OLP program. You'll work on critical projects with access to and feedback from high-level executives, be given superior training and experience a variety of different challenges, tailored to your interests and abilities. Discover teamwork and leadership the Danaher way.

Within a typical span of two years, OLP associates gain detailed exposure to DBS and the Leadership Anchors, spending about 6 months mastering each assignment before moving to the next. Planned cohort learning sessions and input from senior leaders will enhance your experience and offer clear feedback.

Some of our past OLP hires have worked in:

Material Planning - As a planner, you’ll learn the basics of the Danaher Materials Process (Kanban Management) and will be responsible for maintaining and implementing the process to minimize inventory levels while ensuring availability.

Danaher Business System Leader - As a Danaher Business System Leader, you’ll be responsible for planning, leading and verifying sustainability of Kaizen activity, principally in Manufacturing; working with various Operations Leaders on improving the manufacturing and transactional processes using the DBS toolkit as well as creating and improving visual management to ensure the organization has immediate feedback on the performance of their manufacturing cell.

Production Supervisor - As a Supervisor, you’ll be managing a team of associates to maintain work flow, ensuring effective and efficient resource management to include personnel and equipment and tools utilized in a manufacturing environment.

Manufacturing Engineering - As a Production Engineer, you are the focal point of the manufacturing process as they interact with all of the internal support functions and external resources to ensure the production process is streamlined and maintained without interruption.

Complete the program and you'll be well positioned to take on a leadership role at any of our 30+ companies.

Unleash your leadership potential with OLP.

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